Artificial Intelligence

Explore AI-4-All Curriculums

Introduction to AI

  • Tyler Schnoebelen, a linguistics and data specialist, provides two definitions of AI: one for CEOs and one that kids could understand. 
  • Software engineer Alishah Novin suggests AI can be explained with a small bag of candy.
  • Beanz, an online and print publication for kids interested in computers, use an example to explain intelligence is when a child  touches a hot stove — and then remembers not to ever touch it again!
  • Dann Albright, SaaS blogger, created a list of ways we use AI in our everyday lives including Siri, video games, and music and movie recommendation services like Netflix.
  • AI researcher Sherol Chen provides video resources and activities that help demonstrate AI to children of all ages.

Hands-on AI Tutorials 

  • Pika is a camera app that takes kids on a colorful scavenger hunt. Kids are challenged to photograph colors and teach the robot to recognize those colors. They earn badges along the way and unlock features the robot can use.
  • The simply-named Machine Learning for Kids works with Scratch and has worksheets for parents and teachers to walk kids through the AI and machine learning process. This game also encourages kids to teach the machine through image selection.
  • Kano Computing lets kids build computers and program them to complete tasks. They have a guide for students who want to teach their machines to make art.
  • Wonderville created a game called ViPER where children program a robot to explore Europa. The machine won’t be very smart at first, but learns as the kids teach it along the way.
  • Dalton Learning Lab uses Scratch and is free for parents, but you do need to register and create an account.